Malcolm B.

Malcolm has been trading since 2005, 15 years now!
The first 3 years he traded stocks with no success at all. He lost a lot of money getting caught in market makers traps and pump and dumps.
Malcolm was wanting to be more of a day trader than an investor and tried trading using the usual stuff like RSI, MACD, Stochastics, and all that stuff that loses traders money.
It finally dawned on him that breakouts of range were the right way to trade and to forget about all those indicators that are lagging. So he adopted open range breakout trading, but again with limited success because he did not have the experience to determine which breakouts were real and which one fake.
In about 2009, Malcolm met a person who changed his trading and the turned the way how he viewed the markets on its head. He introduced Malcolm to volume spread analysis, which to clone the words of Tom Williams is essentially trading in the shadow of the smart money. It is the relationship between price and volume and the history of the chart behind us.
Malcolm started a thread in forex factory, which to date has 30,000+ posts on it all about VSA and has mentored hundreds of traders as well as providing inspirational videos of trade setups and plans before the trades actually happen, which to date have made traders tens of thousands of dollars.
He also has managed seven-figure accounts in the past, but now focuses only on his private accounts.
He enjoys sharing knowledge with people that want to break into financial markets, who are either completely new traders, struggling traders, or experienced traders that want that something extra to make them more profitable.
Malcolm looks forward to Trades4freedom’s new venture and to help you all on your journey to riches and freedom for your Just Over Broke .. Aka JOB.

Deins K.

Deins has 8+ year of experience in trading with background in many trading methods. As like most of the traders, he was not profitable in the beginning. Still, his enthusiasm and unstoppable eagerness to understand the financial markets kept him learning, where he gained and understood numerous trading strategies and systems, such as volume spread analysis, supply&demand, Fibonacci, market profile, volume profile, Wyckoff, and many more. But his primary approach is Wyckoff, which brings him profits consistently.

The professionals in the industry have taught him the secrets behind successful trading in the markets. Those are the guys who used to work in the CME pits where historically all futures business was conducted. Most of them being in the markets for 30+ years. Furthermore, hedge fund traders and prop firm traders also have contributed to the expanding Deins understanding of the markets. 

His goal is to provide good trade signals & market analysis and transfer his trading experience to help you save years of frustration and sleepless nights and help you build the financial future that you have dreamed about for yourself and your loved ones.